Laboratory Foundry & Machining

Ekstrametal has a well-organized, highly qualified quality assurance team and well equipped laboratory which ensures the conformity of the production to international standards and to the unique quality needs of the customers.

Quality control processes such as Magnetic Particle Test, Ultrasonic Test, Dimensional Controls, Metallurgical Controls, Hardness Control, Tensile Strength and Charpy tests are carefully made at Ekstrametal.

Quality Control Equipments
OBLF spectrometer (15 element channel)
Elektro-Nite Digilance II temperature measurement
Elektro-Nite Quik-Lab E termal analysis equipment
Chemical Analysis Laboratory
Metallurgical Microscope with Image Analyzer
Brinell hardness test instrument
Green Sand Tests Laboratory
Incinerating Furnace
Magnetic Powder Test Equipment
Ultrasonic Test Equipment