1987 - Ekstrametal started its journey as a small sized foundry with 400 m² covered production plant located in Ankara OSTİM Industrial Zone and with 500 tons/year casting capacity.

1993 - Several years after foundation, Ekstrametal commenced its new production plant investment (also current foundry 1) which had been planned to have 6.000 tons/year capacity with 3.500 m² covered 7.000 m² total area in the 1. Organized Industrial Zone of Ankara.

1998 - Ekstrametal moved in its new production plant.

2003 - Artem Mak. Ltd. was founded for the machining of the casting parts as a subsidiary company of Ekstrametal.

2005 - 50% shares of Ekstrametal were acquired by another Turkish foundry namely Or Metal Döküm San.(founded in 1991), located in the same industrial zone, which had a 3.500 m² covered and 5.500 m² total production plant with 3.600 tons/year production capacity.

2007 - All of Ekstrametal’s shares were acquired by Or Metal Dök. San. Ltd.

2009 - Ekstrametal was awarded as one of the best “small-medium sized” exporter companies in Ankara, with its 2008 export performance by Ankara Chamber of Industry. The award was handed to our CEO by the Turkish Prime Minister.

2009 - Ekstrametal merged with the subsidiary company Artem Mak. Ltd. through acquisition.

2009 - The partnership started with Or Metal Döküm San., eventually ended up with merging under the name of EKSTRAMETAL by the end of 2009.