3-D Sand Printer, Rapid Prototyping

With our 3 D sand printer S-Max (the world's largest sand printer) from the manufacturer Exone, a manufacturer of 3D metal and sand printers, we offer targeted solutions for our customers.

About our customer solutions:

• Cost-effective production of prototypes and spare parts or production of small series of complex components

• In many respects have advantages in casting production

- Completes the service offer
- Or in the case of the production of small batches.
- Increase the freedom of constructive design of internal contours

Advantage for customers

  1. The innovative 3D printing process makes it possible to produce a tangible sand mold based on three-dimensional CAD data
  2. Advantages of constructive, temporal and price nature
  3. Almost no limits for the production of molds
  4. Complex parts geometries produceable
  5. Can hardly be produced in the classical molding process, only very extensively or fault-prone
  6. Very short production times can be realized
  7. The time-intensive creation of a model device is not necessary (only in a maximum of 16 hours)
  8. Cost advantages for the production of prototypes and small series
  9. Avoid expensive core boxes

When should 3D printing be used ?

  1. Very fast and cost-efficient development of new parts & prototypes
  2. Delivery of individual and spare parts possible within a few weeks by using of existing CAD data
  3. Is particularly suitable for the production of complex component

- Can not be manufactured from the solid for reasons of the part geometry
- Require a special material and the investment in an expensive model set is not worthwhile